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Water is essential to keep our gardens growing. Let’s Grow Akron recognizes water as a precious resource and promotes conservation through sharing information about proper watering techniques, collecting rain water, mulching and adding organic material help the soil retain moisture.

Here’s a article covering the basics of wise watering from University of Minnesota Extension: https://extension.umn.edu/water-wisely-start-your-own-backyard/watering-vegetable-garden

Below is a fact sheet about collecting and measuring rain water for your garden.

The City of Akron provides FREE rain barrels through the Akron Waterways Renewed Rain Barrel Program: https://www.akronwaterwaysrenewed.com/community/rain-barrel-program.aspx

If you are starting a new community food garden project and are interested in using a nearby fire hydrant as a water source, please contact Let’s Grow Akron at info@letsgrowakron or by calling (330) 745-9700.

View and download the Rules for Using a Hydrant Connection and the Proper Seasonal Hydrant Use Agreement that must be signed and returned to the water department in order to receive a hydrant hook up:

If you are looking to install a permanent water source for your community garden, below are some suggestions and fact sheets about installing a hose bibb or yard hydrant in the City of Akron.