Community Compost Cooperative

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The Community Compost Cooperative began in 2014 as a collaborative effort to divert food, garden and yard waste from local landfills and to create biologically active compost that helps regenerate soil. Healthy soil is essential part of transforming a vacant lot into a productive community garden, Typically, the soil found in a vacant lot is compacted and depleted of nutrients. Adding compost to poor quality soil helps improve soil structure and supplies nutrients for soil microbes. Healthy soil grows healthy, more productive plants!

Keep reading for more information about the Community Compost Cooperative and how to get involved!

We are happy to announce the new Community Compost Cooperative Drop Off Program for household food waste. A monthly membership includes a 5 gallon bucket and lid to collect food waste, a lock combination to the food waste collection cans at all the Drop Off Sites and the great feeling of doing your part to divert food waste from local landfills and regenerate soil for food production. Become a member and be part of this zero waste circle of life!